Princemere Poetry Prize

Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry. 
- W.B. Yeats




PRINCEMERE announces that Les Bares of Richmond, Virginia, has won the 2018 Princemere Poetry Prize for his poem "Breviary." He will be awarded $300.

Runners-up are Grace Gilbert, Athena Lathos, and Jerrod Schwarz. Each will be awarded $50. 

Finalists are Holly Allen, George Franklin, John Hicks, Andrew Last, Jonathan Andrew Pérez, and Catherine Ragsdale.

Semifinalists are Toni Bennett, Ethan Cohen, Ann DeVilbiss, Alan Elyshevitz, Gene Fendt, Katherine Fishburn, Dean Gessie, Elton Glaser, Marah Hager, Bosch Jones, Robert Keeler, Kelly Konya, Jayne Marek, and Miriam O'Neal.

Thank you for bearing with our need to charge a $5 entry fee this year. Your participation has enabled us to offer this year's prizes.

Thank you to all who submitted. We consider it an honor to have read your work.


the PRINCEMERE staff